Got my Glow connected but no electricity meter readings

I got my Glow IHD/CAD today and it seems to have got partially connected, reading gas meter data ok, but my electricity meter data does not seem appear.

Local MQTT shows this for the electricitymeter key:

{"electricitymeter":{"timestamp":"1970-01-01T00:00:00Z","energy":{"export":{"cumulative":null,"units":"kWh"},"import":{"cumulative":null,"day":null,"week":null,"month":null,"units":"kWh","mpan":"read pending","supplier":"---","price":{"unitrate":null,"standingcharge":null}}},"power":{"value":null,"units":"kW"}}}

and the display shows "read pending" under the Metering -> Electricity display. It has only been set up for about 12 hours - am I just being impatient and need to wait a bit longer?

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