Multiple IHDs

I recently purchased a Glowmarkt IDH/CAD which is now working fine. I still have the supplier-provided IHD - they seem to both work sumiltaneously with no issue, but occasionally the Glowmarkt loses its connection to the meter (as does the other, to be fair). I don't really need to run both, but is there any reason in principle why running two (or multiple) IHDs simultaneously would be an issue?


  • Apart from increasing traffic on your 2.4GHz network I can't see any issue as the Zigbee network is designed to support 100's of devices/sensors.

  • It was more the smart meter protocol I was thinking of - i.e. whether the protocol allows for multiple recipients of the data

  • If you want a definite answer you'll have to read the Zigbee smart energy profile which is what is used I believe.

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