1.18.13 MQTT & Midnight

My Glow IHD (running 1.18.13) is not handling midnight correctly (we are current summer time BST).

When I look at the data being sent out via MQTT:

Import Today (sensor/electricitymeter/import/day) resets to zero at 1am, not midnight

I think this is a bug not a BST problem as Import This Week changes at midnight Monday morning. For me this week's Import this Week reset was strange:

23:53:02 - 127.9kWh

00:00:12 - 30.07

00:56:32 - 31.9

01:00:12 - 0

So it takes an hour to get to zero sitting at a random value and increasting on route!

Import this month is similar but different

23:51:10 - 174.8kWh

00:00:20 - 19.4

00:01:00 - 23

00:01:20 - 0

Unit Price (... /import/price/unitrate) has a different problem. My tariff changes 00:30 and 04:30, the unit price changes at 00:035:06 and 00:04:34:06 (00:35:13 and 04:35:13 yesterday) so its five minutes late.

(PS: Don't think I'm making the numbers up as our weekly usage last week was nearly the same as our monthly usage last month - we've been on holiday)

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