IHD Firmware release 1.5.5

We will be releasing the above soon, probably on Sunday.

A few users already have, primarily those that take mqtt

The items of note in the are

1. soft watchdog on wifi reconnect

2. json mis-labeling fix (as in 1.5.2)

3. boot time upload

4. gas only fix

5. server generated screens


  • It would be lovely to have a little more detailed description of the firmware updates detailed above. They are, apart from 2, pretty cryptic!

  • Your wish etc

    1) with a few routers if the wifi dropped the IHD did not reconnect - the watchdog detects this and restarts the wifi stack

    3) a new section in the json on the first upload after a restart containing (in hex) the boot time e.g.

    "ihd": {"boot": "5ECF9AA4"}

    4) We have one isolated case where the ESME is not working but the GSME is - in this case the upload json was invalid - this fixes it

    5) You will have to wait for a further announcement ;-)

  • Thank you! Got me all excited about 5 now :)

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