cURL API - can't figure out export readings

I have a SMETS2 meter. I get solar export payments from my provider (Octopus).

I've set up the Glowmarkt app with DCC integration (I don't have any hardware from them).

I can make API calls using

curl -X GET -H "Content-Type: application/json" -H "token:..." -H "applicationId:..." "" | jq

Which returns hourly readings as expected:


But, when the sun rises, the reading just shows zero.

I've tried functions of both sum and avg - are there any others? - but still nothing.

I've had a look through the forum, but I can't see anything about getting export readings through cURL. What blindingly obvious thing am I missing?


  • As far as I know Export isn't implemented, here's a snip of an email I received from support last month.

    "We have support for export on our roadmap and have done the work to pick up the export (and it is great with SMETS2 meters as export is on by default) - but now have to do the work to add the ability to store the data and then play it back into our apps, display and APIs. This work is all done by us as a side activity so it has to fit in with commercial priorities. Not available yet but we hope to support it by later this year"

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