Connecting to your Smart Meter...


Received my SMETS1 Glow Display today, plugged it in, connected to wifi successfully, however its now sat on "Connecting to your Smart Meter...". Is there anything I need todo to activate/allow this or is it just a waiting game?




  • Hi John - could you please email us at from your Bright account - sounds as though we need to give your device a 'nudge'. Thank you. Jane

  • Hi John, did this ever get fixed? I'm in a similar situ with a new device that has been on for 4 days now

  • Hello @jwfw, same answer - please email us at so that we can investigate. When you email from your Bright account we've all the information we need to check what is going on and get the device joined, sometimes they do need a nudge, sometimes they need a shove! ;)

    We appreciate you using the Forum as a start point for general support though.

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    Same here (SMETS2 though). Have emailed support. Would be curious to know what this nudge is doing, and how the pairing mechanism works.

  • It's not really a nudge - it is 'try again'.

    There are 4 elements in a join

    1) pre-notifiy the specific IHD into DCC inventory

    2) tell the CHF to allow THAT device to join and tell the IHD to try joining

    3) When successful tell (if present) the GPF to allow the IHD to query it

    4) tell the ESME to allow the IHD to query it

    If any of that fails we back out and try twice more later.

  • I'll leave it to @Clivee to decide how much of our proprietary processes he wants shared :)

    Basically, 98% of the time the join is automatic and works fine - but sometimes it isn't and we need to give it a nudge. We see the join challenges more with an enrolled SMETS1 meter which isn't surprising as the infrastructure behind them hasn't been standardised in the same way that SMETS2 hardware infrastructure is.

  • Ok that's interesting and makes sense. Many thanks. And also thanks for doing it yesterday: everything has been working fine since!

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