How to automate home smart plugs


I'm thinking of buying this product. What's the easiest way to create automation of smart plugs using near real time directional data about my energy usage. I have solar panels so sometimes I have a positive flow from the grid and sometimes a negative flow out to the grid. I want to be able to automate plugs based on either state - turning things on or off if values are exceeded.

Is this something I can do fairly easily using tools like IFTTT, Alexa, SmartThings. Or will I need to build something on a Raspberry PI and get more hands on ?

Advice appreciated.



  • I saw another comment that export data might be desupported manufacturers. Do we know if that could impact real time signed data on energy flow ? I don't mind too much about history but I do need to integrate how much I'm exporting in the moment for my plans.

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