Can the app help with automation

Hi. I have a solar install and I'm looking for a solution that can automate smart plugs based on positive energy usage (consuming from the grid) and also negative usage (exporting to the grid). Can the Bright app link to automation platforms like SmartThings or IFTTT and expose a directional value of energy so I know how much and if it's exporting or importing ? Or do I need something like HomeAssistant to make that possible ?




  • I am personally planning to do this with Home Assistant. You can get data from the cloud but it has a delay. I suspect any cloud integration will bu subject to the same limitation. So if you want to more quickly respond to changes in solar panel output, you're going to want the MQTT integration that's on the Hildebrand Glow. This gives you instantaneous data from your local device.

    Having said that, I haven't tried this stuff myself, yet. I've just watched YouTube videos about it.

  • You can do what you wish with HA providing you acknowledge the delay as @RobThePowerUser states. I have the Glow CAD installed with a local MQTT feed feeding into HA which provides an update every 6-10 seconds. However that is slow compared to how quickly PV output can change, i.e. it can go from 1kW to 3kW in a second as a cloud covers the sun. As long as you bear this in mind you can make good use of the PV.

    No idea on SmartThings or IFTTT, I personally wouldn't rely on the cloud for anything important.

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