Glowstick / HA connections

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I've just ordered the SMET1 CAD dongle (no display) and i'm hoping i've understood its use correctly.

Am i right in saying that i can connect it locally to my Home Assistant server via MQTT? It says so on the product page ("Real time electricity and gas monitoring through our Bright app, API and MQTT (on request)")

but another post in this forum seemed to suggest this is not the case and new hardware would be needed... If so have i ordered the wrong thing?

Edit: reading more I understand the stick is cloud MQTT only and not local. Is that still LIVE updating though to Home Assistant? (albeit every 10 seconds in reality)


  • Yeah - not local MQTT for the stick. You have to use our broker and subscribe. If you put an email into support they can enable MQTT and you will get 10 second data. Being Saturday it will take a couple of days for it to get enabled - sorry we are limited on some of the support.

  • Thanks for the reply. I had a reply already from Jane :) via email. I may cancel my order and get the CAD/IHD bundle instead as local MQTT is quite appealing over cloud. Your support seems top notch!

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