Just purchased GLOW Display GD-1 - a few questions

Sorry if these are FAQ. I also emailed support

I've received the Unit. There was no handbook in the box.

  • Is there an electronic manual/handbook available
  • Power - What sort of batteries does it take
  • Power - Does it recharge batteries?
  • Power consumption - How much power does the CAD consume in standby / operation. How long will it run on batteries
  • Display - font size - can I change the font size
  • Display - Foreground / background colours can I set these myself?
  • Units - can it display Wh instead of say kWh. I'd rather 600W rather than 0.600 kWh
  • Units - Is there an easy way to swap between cost and power without going burger | display | units and toggling it
  • Firmware - unit is 1.8.13 is this the latest, is update automatic?
  • Operating Temperature - What is the operating temperatures of the unit?
  • API - Can I read data into my own application and do you have any examples in say Python?


  • Hi Mrg9999,

    There isn't a handbook per se. We do firmware updates and enhancements, so we opted to make the menus straight forward and hopefully will be easy to use.

    Power - don't use batteries. They are there for the prepayment functions in case of emergency and the supply gets disconnected. It doesn't not recharge batteries and would run them down pretty quickly.

    The backlight is the energy hungry thing on the display. You can turn off the display, but not the device by using the black button on the front. Power varies, but it should average around 1-1.2 watts.

    No can't change the font - not enough resources on board to program that

    No can't change the background colour - not enough resources on board to program that

    Units are fixed -

    Cost and power has to be changed in the Settings

    That is the latest firmware

    Temperature - 0 - 50C is the operating temperature. We do a high temperature check. You will degrade the life of the device running at higher temperatures

    API - there are two - Local MQTT, RestAPI with servers (https://forum.glowmarkt.com/index.php?p=/categories/local-mqtt) and https://docs.glowmarkt.com/GlowmarktAPIDataRetrievalDocumentationIndividualUserForBright.pdf

    Enjoy using it. The community is pretty good on the forum for API questions, etc.

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