New "plugin" for Indigo Domotics Mac based home automation software


I have just completed an alpha version of a plugin that integrates into the HA software that I use (a small but active UK user base exists as well). I am still validating, but it seems functional and stable. You can find the plugin and the documentation at and documentation at

I have included one of your images, on the basis it will be promotional but I am more than happy to take it down if it is a copyright issue (but one I take will be worse !). I make clear I am not associated with, and endorsed by you.

I do have a couple of questions.

1) I am not sure of the correct way to refer to your brand hierarchy and the components within it. Is "Glowmarkt Plugin", "Glow IHD/CAD" or would "Glow CAD" be more appropriate given I will add Glowstick support if anyone needs it. I find myself tripping up over the right terminology

2) Is daily the lowest level of data available in MQTT for Gas Consumption, my usage is of course really low but I haven't managed to catch a payload with anything more than day/month/week in it.

I have also created an excel that references the SEP against the JSON payload that (permission pending) I am happy to share. It may make life easier for new people to consume.



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