Difficulty setting up API access - "missing required elements -veTypeId"

I am trying to get started with retrieving data from a Chameleon IHD. Following the guidance in the API I can submit user details and get status 200 and a token - but when I progress to the next stage (Get all virtual entities ) I get status 400 and the following JSON

{'error': 'missing required elements -veTypeId,/resources or autocreate/'}

Has anyone else seen this? I only just got my smart meter and although data is coming through to the Bright app, my energy supplier can't see it yet. Do I just need to wait, or am I submitting my request wrong?

I'm using Python, calling

response = rq.post("https://api.glowmarkt.com/api/v0-1/virtualentity", headers='"Content-Type": "application/json", "applicationId": strAID, "token": strToken)'

All help gratefully received


  • Well I answered my own question - I used POST instead of GET

  • Like you, I have the same problem - I am getting status 404: 'Not found' - but I AM using GET. I can't think what I'm doing wrong! Can I ask: how long is your Token? Mine is suspiciously 255 characters long and I wonder whether I am inadvertently truncating it.

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