Troubleshooting missing and incorrect information

Hi, I hope I am posting this in the correct section, I am looking for some guidance.

I couple of weeks ago I installed and signed up to the Bright App and completed the permission to share my meter data. Within a few minutes my electric meter information showed in the App... Great. (FYI These are SMETS1 meters but I don't think that maters.)

Since I signed up my gas information is missing. A quick search suggested it might take a day or two so I waited, no change. I believe the FAQs says something along the lines of check with your energy supplier. Here in lies the problem. I have performed the following checks

  1. Confirmed on the gas meter it is connected to the electricity meter HAN
  2. Confirmed on the electricity meter it is connected to the gas meter
  3. I have confirmed that my gas bill shows the usage as "ACTUAL" and not "ESTIMATED" which means they are based on meter readings and as my gas meter is not accusable without access to my property this can only be via the smart meter.
  4. I have used the glowmarkt API and from what I can tell it supports the fact there is no gas information so its not a fault with the APP.
  5. I have spoken to my supplier customer support but they just confirm they are getting gas readings and aren't much more help than that.

So my question is where do I go from here? Obviously the DCC only deals with suppliers and approved companies. Where can I go to get details on my data stored in the DCC that doesn't rely on an intermediary like the App or API, not to access the data directly but to help troubleshoot why the API or App can't access it. Is there some sort of reference my supplier should be able to provide me like a resourceId that is inique to my gas meter details?


  • Hi, I too am missing gas data. When I raised it with support, they told me they had had a few other customers who had a Flonidan gas meter that was not passing on data. They said they would raise this issue with the DCC and get back to me. Still waiting…( though it was only 6 days ago)

  • That is very interesting information. I have just checked my gas meter in more detail and it does appear to be a Flonidan gas meter. Have you received a response yet?

    Please let me know when you do as it sounds like this might be a backend system change/bug fix rather than a customer specific change that needs to be implemented.

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