Odd MQTT values intermittently

I use MQTT to monitor my electricity and gas from Glowmarkt, ingesting it into home assistant:

value_json['elecMtr']['0702']['00']['00']|int(base=16) * value_json['elecMtr']['0702']['03']['01']|int(base=16) / value_json['elecMtr']['0702']['03']['02']|int(base=16)

(meter value times multiplier, divided by divisor - in each case converted from the payload hex)

This nomally works fine - however on occasion, maybe once or twice a day, my gas reading (which should be ~60000 and rising slowly) drops to ~14000 for one or two readings, before returning to normal.

This causes havoc with my stats - any idea what might be causing it before I try to filter it out?


  • Hi dbrb - I have a SMETS1 meter and the Glow CAD Display with a Local MQTT interface and I too see erroneous values published. I did have a few for Gas in the early days\ weeks after I setup the CAD and then latterly I am getting erroneous export values. I too use Home Assistant and have recently created my own Node-Red flow to to monitor the Raw MQTT values, check they fall within 10% of the previous value and then publishes a new Real value. If they fall outside the 10% then it doesn't update the Real Value. Thus far it seems to be working. Happy to share the Node-Red flows with you if you want to try and re-use them.

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