MQTT export value missing with SMETS1 & Octopus

I'm struggling a bit with this. Does anyone have any ideas?

I have a Secure SMETS1 meter and have recently enabled Solar export. Glow was set up last year using the CAD (Glow stick) before the solar was installed.

MQTT is enabled and works fine for import. The export field is there in the MQTT feed, but is consistently empty (reads 0).

When I enabled solar, I was given a new MPAN for solar by the supplier (Octopus), although the electricity meter serial number remained the same. The MPAN reported via MQTT is the import one only.

The supplier can take half hourly readings for solar production without any problem and I'm on the Agile tariff, so the data is getting out of the meter.

I asked Glow support whether there was anything they could do to help, and it was suggested I post here.

I know that Solar from Glow technically isn't ready yet but I'm also aware that some people are getting the solar export reading via MQTT as there are Home Assistant sensors for this posted in the forum.

My thought is that because I have a new MPAN, the value isn't being automatically reported via MQTT. However, I do know that data reporting for SMETS1 meters via DCC can be a bit sticky sometimes, and wasn't sure whether there was something that could be done to unblock.


  • Hi meroberts - I have a SMETS1 meter and had solar installed in Dec '20. I was able to see consumption data from the day it was installed on the Glow Stick until I changed Import\ Export tariff with my supplier (Octopus). When they swapped the tariff the export value dropped off the Glow Stick MQTT feed. I emailed Octopus to as them to look into it and they did fix it pretty quickly (see their response below)

    You are right when you changed from Go and Outgoing fixed we stopped receiving the midnight snapshots for your export data. This was due to an incorrect tariff (an import only one) was added on the 21st. I have now updated this to be the import/export Agile tariff, you should start seeing the readings appear again in the next few days.

    Maybe worth asking your supplier to push out a new update to check the tariff info is correct on your meter?

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