Local MQTT Gas Units definition

MQTT gives gas data as:

                                    [cumulative] => 17968.992
                                    [day] => 0.023
                                    [week] => 0.808
                                    [month] => 58.897
                                    [units] => kWh
                                    [cumulativevol] => 1601.424
                                    [cumulativevolunits] => m3
                                    [dayvol] => 0.023
                                    [weekvol] => 0.808
                                    [monthvol] => 58.897
                                    [dayweekmonthvolunits] => kWh

But surely it makes no sense for dayweekmonthvolunits to be kWh? If it's volume, it should be given in m3.

kWh data has already been given.


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    Is that real data? If so, I think it's a bug. I don't have gas so can't check.

  • Yes, it's the real data from my MQTT feed.

  • It would be useful to know if other users are getting correct gas volume units from local MQTT - ie dayvol, weekvol, monthvol] and dayweekmonthvolunits all showing as m3 not kWh.

    I'd be grateful for feedback from other local MQTT users.

  • @johng mine look exactly the same as yours. The cumulativevolunits is m3, the dayweekmonthvolunits are kWh. It is the gas meter itself that provides the info and the units is my understanding, perhaps @clive could confirm?

  • Octopus have just confirmed to me that my Landis+Gyr G470 is on the latest firmware release. Difficult to believe that all those hundreds of thousands of such meters in the field are all wrong and that no-one has noticed.....?

    Is you meter, Andy, also a L&G?

  • Maybe it's worth saying why correct gas day volume matters - to me at least!

    The National Grid update their calorific values at around 10:30 each morning. So I'd prefer to calculate today's gas cost using this data rather than the kWh figure returned by MQTT (which must be an approximation based on the fixed CV held by the gas meter).

  • @johng - I see exactly the same. @clivee suggested the multiplier was either the value from the meter, or 40 as a fallback.

    For me the cumlative figure is an approximate kWh figure and the cumulativevol the volume on the meter display for m3.

  • Borpin, is your meter like mine a L&G G470?

  • Hi all,

    I'm seeing the same behaviour - cumulativevolunits is m3, the dayweekmonthvolunits are kWh. My smart gas meter is an EDMI GS-60B provided be EON.

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