July 10 2022: Known outage -> 11:19BST Update - normal service resumed

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Sorry for the inconvenience - the Ops team are investigating and updates will be provided ASAP.

For those who've got our IHD/CAD - and apologies as we updated your firmware ten days ago and haven't had time to tell you (DCC Audits) that Local MQTT is now supported. Here is an article about using Local MQTT:


Happy Sunday.


  • 11:19 : Normal service has been resumed and we believe that no data, including minute level, should have been lost. Drop a line to support@glowmarkt.com if you have an issue.

    Root cause was our CoLo facility performed a maintenance update overnight and we had a BGP mis-match thereafter; once that was resolved service was restored.

  • Is the app now working, mine is still stating updating after weeks?

    Was working prior to july outage

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