IHD lost contact with meter?

I have a glow IHD SMETS2. It’s been working fine. Nice display!

Problem started on Thursday when someone came to replace my gas meter as it was inoperative with a Landis and Gyr one. They did not replace the Honeywell electricity meter. They also unhelpfully gave me a new display IHD7 which only shows the electric readings and apparently has no contact with the gas meter.

readings on the octopus app are all correct for electricity and gas but my Glow CAD IHD now has no contact wirh smart meters. It just sits there saying it can’t find smart meter.

I’ve searched all over and can’t find a way to reset the Glow IHD. This all happened while I was working away from home. Any ideas how I get this fixed? My home assistant integration is sad.



  • Pa already emailed support but not heard back yet. Hoping someone on the forum knows rhe answer.

  • I left the IHD/CAD on looking for the smart meter. After 3 days it suddenly connected and now things are fine. I don’t understand why this happened, but if anyone reads this then this is something to try.

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