IHD Firmware release 1.8.13

I am currently rolling out the above SMETS2 first and later SMETS1

Here are the headlines

Fixed stack overflow on local MQTT task which triggered a restart

Modified local MQTT gas meter JSON to remove export and power and added to the import field: cumulative, day, week, month volume, cumulative volume unit of measure and day, week, month volume unit of measure.

Modified local MQTT device state JSON to add the wifi MAC

Adjusted local MQTT publish events to be as close as possible to 10 second intervals

Added workaround check for gas meter calorific value and conversion factor values that are not marked as invalid but which are clearly wrong. Added checks for calorific value, conversion factor and CO2 value attributes invalid values specified in SEP 1.4.


  • Is that why I seem to have reverted to firmware 1.8.4 this morning and lost all MQTT @clivee?

  • Should be fine now

  • @clivee Thanks for that - works like a charm.

  • @clivee Just wondering, with this version we have both "day", "week", "month" and "dayvol", "weekvol", "monthvol" which all report the same values, I guess because "units" and "dayweekmonthvolunits" are both being expressed in kWh. Is this supposed to be the case? It just seems like an odd duplication.

  • Added volume and volumeUnits for gas meters to the Hubitat driver.

  • dayweekmonthvolunits

    I raised a ticket on this same issue. Jane's reply was:

    "The team have now had time to have a look at your ticket - basically they said that we can only reflect what the meter is set to hold. What you have shared is what is in the volume register on your meter.

    If you want them configured differently you will need to contact your energy supplier as that is their responsibility, our role is very limited in this regard - we can only 'read' and make no changes to the local configuration. Sorry not to be able to do more!"

    My meter is a Landis+Gyr G470 which was installed by Lowri Beck on behalf of (now defunk) Avro Energy .

    I would have expected that the firmware that updates the volume registers would be within the 'Metrology Firmware' - ie not updateable by the energy supplier. But anyway I've asked Octopus (now my supplier) to investigate. I'll post any relevant updates.

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    I think the kWh figures are incorrect. The meter can have no way of knowing what the kWh figures are as the calorific value changes over time (look at your bill).

    I think it can only report volume.

    @clivee How does the meter get the calorific value?

  • 1) The supplier sets it

    2) It falls back to 40

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    @clivee - was that to me?

    I am seeing the same figures for kWh and M3. The cumulative kWh and cumlativevol are correct, the other vol figures not. Why are the volunits kWh?

    	"gasmeter": {
    		"timestamp": "2022-08-21T15:43:11Z",
    		"energy": {
    			"import": {
    				"cumulative": 4269.961,
    				"day": 7.198,
    				"week": 64.139,
    				"month": 188.885,
    				"units": "kWh",
    				"cumulativevol": 377.677,
    				"cumulativevolunits": "m3",
    				"dayvol": 7.198,
    				"weekvol": 64.139,
    				"monthvol": 188.885,
    				"dayweekmonthvolunits": "kWh",
    				"mprn": "hidden",
    				"supplier": "---",
    				"price": {
    					"unitrate": null,
    					"standingcharge": null

    And that Z on the timestamp Grrrrr.


  • This is down to the meter FW sadly - we just send what it says.

    Some do vol for day/week/month - some don't, like yours.

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