Not populating data beyond a few days

Hello. New poster here so please be gentle!

I have been using the Bright app for some time and last Friday took ownership of a Glow IHD (SMETS 1 version). The latter connected much quicker than I thought it would (couple of minutes) and is showing current day and previous days readings in both gas and electric. However, it is "losing" the earlier days readings (e.g. today I can see Wednesday (today) and yesterday (Tuesday) but not further back - even though I could at the time. This is not what is shown in the demo where earlier days, weeks and months can be viewed. (To be clear I don't expect to be able to see beyond last Friday). Am I doing something wrong or will this "right itself" in due course?

On another matter the Glow and the Bright app are not in sync with each other. The latter is showing a higher figure than the IHD by about 43p on each reading. At first I thought the Glow was not showing the standing charge but that is 26p per day. If there was any lag I would have expected to be on the app and not with the IHD or have I got that wrong.? Any thoughts?

Apologies if these sort of queries have been answered before .

Thanks in anticipation.


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