Local MQTT and Home Assistant


Just wondering if someone here is using Local MQTT and Home Assistant and is seeing electricity/import/day cumulative resetting at 1AM instead of 00:00? The CAD shows 0.00 but the local MQTT only resets at 1AM.


  • Yes! The date in the MQTT feed is actually an hour behind, so I'm guessing that is the problem.

  • Not sure what's going still but I did email Hildebrand about this and they need to get their engineers to look into it, it's a small team so it might take some time. I went to look at the meter myself and the date/time there are correct. Server where my MQTT runs is also correct, same with the IHD so that looks to be a timezone thing (GMT/BST) when adding the data to MQTT. I will write back here when I hear back from them.

  • Heard anything back from them?

  • Not yet, I'd think we would get a bit more information on the HA forum as well seeing it looks like not everyone sees the same. I will let you know as soon as I find out more.

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