Home Assistant - Mosquitto broker

Hi Team.

So my CAD arrived and i am trying to get this hooked up with my Home Assistant. I use the Mosquitto broker.

I have installed the integration via HACS and i have put my MQTT details into the CAD. I know the user name and password works as i use it for other MQTT setups. When trying to connect i am seeing this in the logs.

What am i missing to get this hooked up to HA?

2022-06-21T21:52:10: Client <unknown> disconnected, not authorised.
2022-06-21T21:52:15: New connection from on port 1883.


  • Hi - wondering if you have any "special" characters in either the username or password. Not sure if we have tested support for double byte, etc. If it is a straightfoward username/password, I'm wondering ...

  • Hi. My password is uppercase, lowercase and has a special character. I can try with a more basic password and see if this works.

  • Hi. Sorry for the delay. Yes this issue was because I was using a password with an upper and lower case and a unique special character.

    Is there any plans to address that?

  • I'm still confused. The CAD seems to be talked about as if it both can and can't do MQTT without having the display too

  • marky101: the GlowStick (no display) does not support local MQTT, the Display CAD does support it. Both of them support remote MQTT via a broker at glowmqtt.energyhive.com.

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