MQTT data - day totals

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I've had my new CAD for a week and got the MQTT going straight away. Mostly it's OK, but I've found some issues with the daily totals being transmitted:

1) The electricity total resets at 01:00 BST, not midnight.

2) The gas total resets shortly after midnight, jumps back up to the previous day's reading and then resets to zero again (permanently) about 2-3 minutes later. No idea why it's doing this.

I'd love to be able to post graphs here from Home Assistant of these problems, but I can't see anyway of doing that in this forum? I could email to support but it might be more useful if other people can see what's going on...


  • The data is timestamped UTC, following the SMETS standard. It is controlled by a combination of the electricity/gas meter and how we interact with the CAD. I'll defer to more technical colleagues, but I think that may be a is what it is type thing.

    The gas is an odd one that must be something we are cacheing on the device and then it is getting swapped - we've only got one guy in the company that actually has a gas smart meter - will ask him more about it.

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