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I've had my new CAD for a week and got the MQTT going straight away. Mostly it's OK, but I've found some issues with the daily totals being transmitted:

1) The electricity total resets at 01:00 BST, not midnight.

2) The gas total resets shortly after midnight, jumps back up to the previous day's reading and then resets to zero again (permanently) about 2-3 minutes later. No idea why it's doing this.

I'd love to be able to post graphs here from Home Assistant of these problems, but I can't see anyway of doing that in this forum? I could email to support but it might be more useful if other people can see what's going on...


  • The data is timestamped UTC, following the SMETS standard. It is controlled by a combination of the electricity/gas meter and how we interact with the CAD. I'll defer to more technical colleagues, but I think that may be a is what it is type thing.

    The gas is an odd one that must be something we are cacheing on the device and then it is getting swapped - we've only got one guy in the company that actually has a gas smart meter - will ask him more about it.

  • The meter is using GMT as its time so, during BST, the day starts and finishes at 1am. Glow could 'correct' the time but there is no point as it would mean that the meter reading and Glow's would be 'out of sync' . It would also cause issues with Economy 7 usage too.

    It sounds like the gas meter clock is out of sync with GMT (not sure how that could happen).

    The only solution really is to use GMT as your time basis for meter readings rather than BST. It's not as difficult as it sounds if you use the meter timestamp as the basis of any graphs rather than 'real' time.

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