Easier switching between kWh and £ and other ideas?

I've become a new IHD user this week, mainly to get local MQTT access to the data.

I had wondered about consigning my existing IHD (a Geo Together Trio) to the back of a drawer, but there's a few things it does which the Glow struggles with...

1) Immediate switching between £ and kWh in any screen. I know I can do this on the Glow, but I have to dip in and out of settings each time. The Geo does it by showing on separate screens, but I wonder whether it's actually possible to show both all the time, given the size of the Glow's screen? Either would be a useful improvement.

2) The Geo has a budgeting function where you can set a monthly cost for gas and electricity and it shows today's performance against that budget. It attempts to do seasonal correction (with varying degrees of success!) but there's some value in it. I'm probably less bothered about this than item 1!

So, for now, we'll be a 2-IHD household I think. I know there's pressure on development time, physical capacity/cability in the device etc. but I toss these ideas out there in case they're useful to other people too.

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