Help for a complete novice please!

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I have the Bright app on my Ipad and I have a regular SMETS2 smart meter (IHD6).

The Bright app works fine, but I would like to get my gas and electric cost into a spreadsheet.

I have looked at the guide but sadly, I am none the wise.

I have a Windows PC (and access to a web server) and I just wondered if someone could give me a simple step by step guide in helping me get my data.

I would run the code on a daily basis, and I would only need the daily cost.

I have tried to follow the instructions, but I cannot even get as far as creating a token.

Any help anyone could give me, would be most grateful received.

Sorry to have to ask, but I really have tried and tried.

Many thanks


  • Hi, I am presuming you tried to follow the instructions using the command-prompt (cmd) on your pc.. The instructions in the pdf give an example of the Example cURL that you need to run, part of which is the login section: '{"username":"your username","password":"your password"}'. (Replacing, of course, 'your username' and 'your password' with your own unique values). I discovered (eventually!) that, because of the peculiarity of Windows, you have to modify this to: "{""username"":""your username"",""password"":""your password""}", i.e. the double-quotes should be double-double-quotes, and the initial single-quotes replaced by double-quotes. It worked for me!

  • Thanks Tony,

    With help, I have now managed it!

    Many thanks for your reply.

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