Local MQTT Data Definition

     "import": {
       "cumulative": 201.95,
       "day": 1.05,
       "week": 0,
       "month": 0,

I note from the Blog, the sample data above.

If Day is 1.05, why is Week and Month not the same?

What is the definition of the value in Day, Week & Month? when is the start of the week 😀.

This probably needs a published technical spec, please?


  • Weeks start on Monday (1am at present due to BST midnight during GMT)

    This is real data from my meter installed this week at just before 1pm BST






          "cumulative":0.000, if you have an MCE solar installation export values appear here.




          "cumulative":35.361, - meter reading - note this is different to the week and month reading as meter must not have been 'zeroed'

          "day":5.860, - consumption today

          "week":34.547, - consumption this week since Wednesday (installation date)

          "month":34.547, - consumption since 1st July


          "mpan":"x", - meter installation number









         "value":0.079, - current electricity usage in kW so is 79W





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