Export readings from Secure Liberty 100

I have a secure liberty 100 smets1 meter (installed by First Utility) and just found out by accident (from a bill) that it has been migrated to DCC and is now readable by my current supplier EON. So I have been investigating ways of getting info from it in to home assistant. I have the bright app working, reading half hourly import data from DCC, and I have a home assistant integration working giving the figures in there too. What I am now missing is export numbers for my surplus solar panel output. The display that came with the meter shows a negative number when I'm exporting, the meter records it, and I have a SEG agreement in place, so the export is all working, I just can't monitor it properly.

Does anyone have this meter and solar panels and a CAD talking to mqtt in home assistant, and if so, can you please tell me if it exposes readings for export? 

I have been searching for hours/days and have found lots of answers (on the net and from contacting tech support here) ranging through "yes", "no", "it used to but stopped working", "not sure but it probably does", "it depends on how the meter is set up", "we can't guarantee it, there are too many variations of setup" ... in other words, nothing definitive. I want to buy a CAD but only if it will give me export figures from this meter. If it can't, I'll stick with the incomplete app/DCC solution for now.


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