Presenting usage for Time of Use tarrif

edited June 2022 in Glow IHD/CAD

Hello, I've moved on to a Time of Use tarrif for electricity, "GoElectric 35" with EDF: electricity is billed either at an off-peak (00:00-05:00 *GMT*) or on-peak rate depending on the time of day. The on-peak tarrif is a lot more expensive so I want to reduce peak usage where possible, or shift it to off-peak.

Currently in the IHD (and Bright app) I can only see my combined usage which is dominated by off-peak EV car charging, and varies so much that any trend in the on-peak domestic usage is invisible.

If the IHD and/or Bright App had a way to show my off-peak usage seperately then I could see how well I was optimising my electricity usage. Is this something that the IHD or Bright app could do?

The IHD does show different tarrifs at the different times of day in the Metering menu, so could perhaps automatically detect the relevant times? (The Bright app always shows the day time/on-peak tarrif, which seems to be a bug.)

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