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edited May 2022 in API Info

I'm trying to correlate my Glowmarkt PT30M API readings with those from the N3RGY (https://data.n3rgy.com/consumer/home) API - readings are consistently off by 30 minutes with Glowmarkt ahead of N3RGY. Since it's only a 30 minute offset it's not a UTC/BST timezone issue.

I noted on the N3RGY GitHub they re-aligned their readings by 30 minutes back in 2020 - see https://github.com/n3rgy/data/issues/4

Might there be a similar alignment issue in the Glowmarkt API?

Or to put it another way, are the Glowmarkt PT30M API cost/consumptions readings for the 30 minute period starting or ending at the reported timestamp?


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