Dual rate

I'm on Octopus Go which has a lower rate 00:30=04:30 however the app only shows the daytime rate. Have i missed something?


  • It only picks up the rates that Octopus have pushed out to your meter.

  • Davidtj, I am a new user as of this week, and getting the same issue. Did you get this issue resolved? Did you contact Octopus?

  • Hi

    Apologies for the late contribution to this thread.

    I have a similar issue; I'm also on Octopus Go, and Octopus is pushing a different (standard?) rate to my meter (both incorrect cost/kWh and incorrect peak/off-peak).

    I've been in contact with Octopus regarding this issue; eventually I got this reply:

    "Good morning,

    I hope you are well.

    If you are using a IHD to try and monitor this, the IHD's do not support the Octopus Go tariff I am afraid.

    Kind regards,


    I guess that means there is no solution currently? I hope the App (and/or Glow IHD) will allow us to manually set tariffs in the future.

  • I have the exact opposite. Mine only shows night rates. Standing charge is correct but only shows night rates.

    I even asked if they can send 34p as the rate and they said they cant.. But they did in the past before I renewed my go fixed price. Just fed up that the meter shows I'm paying £1.86 a day but I actually being billed £5.70 or so.. Massive difference and its causing debts as no idea how much I should be paying or how much anything is actually costing me.

    I was told by glowmarkt they support dual tarrifs and even agile. Octopus says "no meters support this and so no ihd will show this" so no idea what to believe .

    But I was also told by glowmarkt they do plant "in a few weeks" to provide an update that allows custom tarrif price... I hope that means we can set times and be accurate .

    My old 15 year old monitor (uses led light on meter. Can't connect to it as its before smart meters existed) does far more features then any display until I came across this glowmarkt/bright one.. Its just missing the custom tarrifs (old one let's me set 3 tarrifs.. Standing charges and times all to a 4 decimal place.. Still have to use that for actual costs right now... (it's only off a few pence a day) and the this one just for the watt usage until either octopus send tarrif info right.. Or we can put it in ourselves which is a promised future update apparently.

  • Exact same issue for me @Dragonwolf5589

    Bright app is showing nightly rate only, with correct standing charge. Actual IHD is showing the correct amount (I think?).

    Is there anything that can be done, apart from waiting until custom tariffs are built in?

  • Same issue for me. Am on Go, and Bright was showing 40.90p all day and night. After contacting Octopus, it is now showing 40.90p 00:00 to 00:30, and 7.5p 00:30 to 00:00

    So, they got the times totally wrong, but it does show that it can be done?

    Three more calls has failed to change anything. Sigh.

  • Octopus customer service has taken a nose dive over the last 6 months, I think it's a classic case of growing pains where the company has gained customers faster than it can train advisors to support them. Unfortunately there seems to be a small number of advisors who actually understand the smart meter network and are able to make corrections, it's completely pot luck if get one or not. I've stopped recommending people move over now.....

  • Anyone got this working yet?

    Octopus refuses to push day rates so I only have night rated. So it's showing I'm spending £35 on electricity when in real terms it's over £120 according to octopus... EXTREME different.

    Very difficult to work out month by month costs to see I'm being charged correctly etc.

    I asked octopus to send day rates I'd rather have overestimated then under. But they refuse to help and refuse to do anthring ven though eco7 tariffs work PERFECT. SO if that works why can't they ake go faster work?

    A pain that agile even works with these displays but dual tariff (except eco7) don't work at all.

    I boguht this months ago as glowmarkt said "in next coming weeks we will allow custom tariffs set by our users to overcome this issue"

    It's been 3 months. How long is "coming weeks"

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