I moved over from Igloo to Eon Next. My smart meter is now, finally, sending readings to Eon, however, my tariffs on the Glow IHD are incorrect/not updated. I’ve tried reconnecting the IHD, also contacted Eon, but still the tariff is not updating. Does anyone know how to rectify this please?


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    Sounds very much to me that it is quite simply that E.on Next need to successfully transmit the up to date tariff details to the DCC database for your smart mater(s), and once done this will be updated to your electric smart meter Comms Hub which from there will then be transmitted to your Glowmarkt IHD (over the Zigbee local network)

  • Just to correct - there is no DCC database - they are purely a communications company.

    The tariff update goes from supplier to meter using the DCC.

    And the IHD gets the tariff from the meter, not the comms hub (or from the gas proxy in the case of gas which is in, but separate to, the comms hub)

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