IHD not connecting to meter

It says briefly "finding smart meter" then "connecting to smart meter" never connects. It stopped working around 6pm on Sunday 9 May.

My supplier is EON Next. I was Igloo customer until they folded last year. IHD worked fine through transition. I contacted supplier and they have not managed to resolve it yet, escalated to specialist who I have not heard from yet.

Is there any tests or config I can do from my end? My fear is that Eon Next will give up trying to make it work and send me their IHD instead so I will lose MQTT access


  • Apparently the Eon Next smart data team need to resolve this. They cant send me a replacement IHD because they dont have any, which is good because i want to keep my Glow IHD and continue to get MQTT feed.

    It seems there is nothing that can be done until they fix their issue

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