Unit rate and standing charge incorrect

I am with EON Next. My smart meter was fitted by EON, but within a few month the inhouse display stopped working. They have told me that the inhouse display is connected to the meter, so it cannot be replaced, which is why I use the Bright app.

My fixed rate (Fix Again 15 months v5) ended on 18th April. I have just realised that the app is not showing my new rate which is the Next Flex. I presume that the data I am seeing is showing the old rates.


  • EON are telling porky pies, the IHD can be replaced or reconnected to your meter, it's just that they can't be bothered or more likely don't want to pay for an engineer visit, I would insist they sort it or raise a complain to the ombudsman.

    Again the updating of rates is entirely down to your supplier, so EON again. However, it seems to be a real issue keeping the meter up to date with your current tariff, seems to be a design issue with the smart metering network. I've been waiting 4 weeks for Octopus to updated mine and they are trying but the SM network is not playing ball.

  • @gedger, thank you. I will look at getting the inhouse display replaced again. i have changed the display to energy rather than cost. So now I can see that I have indeed reduced my usage.

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