Solar export corrupting electricity readings in api and app

Hi All,

Looking for a bit of a steer please, I know that SMETS2 SEG export readings aren't supported at the moment and this isn't a request for that. However it appears that the api is reporting (Import - Export) as our consumption for each 30 min slot following switch on of the IHD device.

This is reading from the Resource Readings api and also as reported in the Bright app.

A Net consumption value can't be used to estimate the current daily cost as we pay a different rate for consumed energy vs that we earn for exporting. What is interesting is that the IHD reports our Import electricity for the day so far and isn't affected by the export so the data much be there somewhere.

Is there a different api endpoint that I can call to read the Import meter reading?

Thanks for any pointers


Sample of api output for 30min readings....










  • Just to post a followup to this, I've since gained access to the MQTT feed and that is much more useful in terms of keeping the import and export separate.

    The mqtt feed appears to expose both the export & import meter readings in real time (well every 10 seconds) which then makes it very simple usage and daily cost by performing a delta on the readins over whatever time period is of interest.

  • As posted elsewhere, we are hoping to launch full export soon - for SMETS2 meter customers - watch this space!

  • Is export instantaneous consumption available in MQTT now?

    It doesn't seem to show up for me.

    When I export, my instantaneous reading is zero.

    and there doesn't seem to be an instantaneous export reading separately ?

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