Incorrect off peak data in the Bright app and Glowmarkt API

Unfortunately, the Glow API (and Bright App) are giving wrong information when it comes to off peak data, for people on Economy 7.

According to the both the App and API, I am supposed to be on off peak between 23:30 and 08:30.

Unfortunately, there is a gap between 01:30 and 03:30 (when energy goes back to peak) but neither the App or API detect it.

The kWh (consumption) returned by the API for every 30 min slots is correct, but the cost is wrong, since the rates applied are wrong.


  • Yes, I'm having the same issue even without the peak switch in the middle of the night. My workaround has been a bit hacky: periodically requesting the consumption and rate data from the API, then doing the maths in a program to display on a dashboard. Not ideal. It'll take a lower-level code fix to make it work with E7, I reckon.

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