EDF incorrect charging at midnight

Is anyone else being charged at the wrong rate for the first hour past midnight on EDF?

Both my EDF supplied smart meter screen and bright app are showing I'm being charged the higher rate between midnight and 1am and then drops down past 1am. It's as if they don't take into account daylight saving hours.


  • Quite happy to see someone from same supplier we have also on peak/offpeak tarriff. I have tried SmartThings/Loop/Geo Hub monitor with LED sensor and their GEO Home App and now starting with Bright App. NONE of these can handle properly tariffs. I think Home App is the closest. Even EDF Smart Hub stopped working. Unbelievable, 2022! I am looking into RPI with LDR sensor and a bloody sql db!!!

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    Maybe it's a recent change, but I notice that EDF specifies "GMT" on their website for the GoElectric night time rates:

    "Our lowest off-peak rate overnight is from 12 am to 5 am GMT every day.", https://www.edfenergy.com/electric-cars/tariffs

    So, that's off-peak from 1am during UK summer time - which caught me out!

    It would be nice if usage at the discounted rate was highlighted somehow :)

    It's great to have the minute level data though, which makes it very clear when scheduled charging has been running 😅

  • Just checking something - This might be explained by the daily service charge being added at midnight. My British Gas smart meter jumps 48p at midnight each day. Apologies if you have already considered this.

  • @wallport yes it's the standing charge being added. I wish it could be added as a proportion every hour as I start every day in the red and end up in green at the end.

    @SJMac it annoys the life out of me that 'smart' meters aren't intelligent enough to know about BST/GMT changes.

  • I've downloaded the SMETS2 specification which confirms that all time stamp data recorded by the meter is corrected to UTC timing (ie GMT)

    The meter does show local time in the summer as BST, however applies the correction to GMT before storing the data,

    So in the summertime you need to schedule your charging to begin at 1am

    One benefit of this however on the EON next Drive tariff is that you can take a shower at five to eight in the morning on your cheap rate electricity

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