Force a refresh of the tariff rates?

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Afternoon folks!

As I'm sure everyone's painfully aware, everyone's energy prices shot up today, but my smart meter/Glowmarkt SMETS2 IHD haven't caught up yet, so my Grafana dashboard and Home Assistant are very much a "this is what you could have had!" at the moment 😭

Anyone aware of a way by which to force the tariff to update?

Cheers 😄


  • Who is your provider?

  • Reason I ask is because my bill from Octopus says the rates increase wef April 2, not April 1..

  • I’m with E.on Next - my rates on their website have definitely jumped. Wouldn’t surprise me if Octopus gave people an extra day honestly; seems like the kinda thing they’d do!

  • OK. Sorry I can't help then. Good luck

  • Same here, showing the old rates on the Bright app and IHD. is this a glowmarkt issue or EoN?

  • Same here. I waited as Octopus rates went up wef April 2 but old rates still showing on App as of April 3. I've tried restarting ihd, clearing app cache, logging out of app and force stopping it, etc, etc

  • Ps Octopus site and Octopus app are showing new rates

  • I have this issue as well. Bulb rates showing incorrectly on the app, despite having changed tariff several days ago. Do I need to reset and reconnect everything?

  • I'm not a programming type techie but reasonably tech confident. I tried everything I could think of to no avail then a few hours ago the gas tariff numbers moved to the post increase numbers. But the electricity numbers are still pre increase as I write.

  • my gas numbers have changed automatically. but not the electricity. I guess we just wait a little longer

  • Bright gets its pricing from your ESME (same as your IHD does) - so it is reliant on your supplier updating the tariffs on your ESME

  • Electricity changed on Apr 3rd, gas is still yet to sadly!

  • Is this still an issue for anyone on? I'm on Octopus and the new tariff does not appear on the IHD or Bright.

  • Yup - still no update for me for my gas!

  • I'm with EDF and it's the same, electricity rates are fine but gas rates haven't been updated. I contacted them explaining I also view my data as DCC Other User, etc but they tell you to restart your IHD, etc, etc. Asked to speak to the Smart Meter team (who usually deal with those) and got ignored. Got fed up and opened a complaint via email, let's see if they get this sorted.

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