Bright and API Status Update (29 March 2022)



  • Looks like MQTT has dropped again. APP seems to be working though at the moment......

  • And back a few minutes later.. @JaneatGlow are you and the team aware of this ?


  • I’m having the same, in and out MQTT availability at the moment

  • At approx 3:30 BST my glowstick was showing a red light and my 3:30 meter reading had been missed. No real problem - my 3pm reading had been received OK and I'd noticed the red light, rebooted stick and set up a manual meter reading for 3:35 (when because Sun was shining reading was exactly same as it had been at 3pm (and indeed didn't increase until 5pm. If it was a Bright server outage, it can only have lasted half an hour at most.

  • I'm still getting occasional dropouts from MQTT - Currently both MQTT and API are not able to connect since 15:30 BST.

  • Now connecting again and pulling data as of 15:45 BST.

  • Hi @DMoore - I've not got support tickets in and think it may be down to something local?

  • I also had a drop between 15:30 BST and 15:45 BST over MQTT by the looks of things.

    Also had a few shorter drops between 14:03 BST + 14:08 BST; 14:32 BST + 14:39 BST; 16:01 BST + 16:08 BST.

    Let me know if there's anything I can send over to help 😄

  • Hi Jane, it's currently playing up again..MQTT says connecting, then drops. Don't believe it's local as a few are reporting issues (Yesterday and today). I can raise a ticket if you wish ?


  • Hi Jane,

    I've raised a ticket as now just getting timeouts trying to connect.


  • And of course, it now connects as soon as I raise a ticket 😂 But I suspect there is an underlying issue.


  • Yep, definitely a bit flaky for the last 24 hours at least - just little drops, nothing major but visible against both MQTT and API connectivity.

  • Seems to be dropping at half past the hour pretty consistently 🤔

  • Yes, I have noticed that too. Very odd....

  • Sounds like it's a Linseed Oil moment..

  • Just in case I've lost the audience. In the olden days cricketers used linseed oil to preserve their cricket bats.. 😂

  • Thanks for the clarification - as a very-non-sporty 21 year old, it flew over my head as fast as the cricket ball would!

  • Hi all - we are aware of a few niggly issues and the team are investigating.

  • I'm still not getting great information through on MQTT. Are all the known problems resolved now or is something still amiss?

    Thank you.

  • Hi jkt - there were no known problems, a few niggly issues (not sure when a niggly issue becomes a problem!) and an individual user with issues with either their own meters or local connection.

    As usual, please contact support@ - thank you!

  • I have the Glow stick. This worked faultlessly for me for several months until the issues that occurred in late January. When service was restored, I kept seeing dropouts in the MQTT feed. I use the MQTT feed to send data to Home Assistant and there would be flat-lines in the cumulative data despite good data availability in the Bright app. This got worse, and eventually the feed through MQTT would only last for a few minutes or a few hours and then cutout completely. Restarting my MQTT server resolved the problem but it would always recur. There's quite heavy load on the MQTT server that runs as a container, so I wondered whether network activity was the problem (I'm adding more devices all the time). I changed the port for the bridge from 1883 to 8883, and since this there don't appear to have been any dropouts in connection. I appreciate that this may be a situation unique to me, but this may be worth a try for some.

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