Wifi to Bright issue

Hi Everyone,

I've just gotten my IHD in the last few days and have it all setup and working in HomeAssistant great using both https://github.com/HandyHat/ha-hildebrandglow-dcc and https://github.com/unlobito/ha-hildebrandglow integrations and recording the data into influx to then push into charts in Graphana. All was working great and then my device at 20:01 pm yesterday stopped recieving data from it?


It was working fine until then and the WiFi appears to be connected but on the app I get the error attached




The device is still receiving a ping with no issues and the device seems to believe its connected but the Bright App is as per the images "Glow Display SMETS 2 does not have Internet" nothing has changed on the network and I haven't just added a firewall or anything :-/


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