Bright App not updating regularly

Since the outage and firewall issues reported in the general thread my App has been very sporadic in it's updates. Some days it's updated every 30 minutes, other days it just stops and then catches up again during the night.

On the 16/2 I got 30 minute updates until 9am and then it stopped, the day completed sometime overnight. Today (17/2) I got two updates at 00:00 and then 00:30 but nothing since.

Is something broken again?




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    I think we're back to daily updates at 1am. Seems like the 30 minute-ly updates were disabled yesterday at 8:30-9am.

  • Are you talking about Gas or Electric or Both ? My electric readings are every 30 mins everyday and my gas is just once a day at about 1pm (showing the previous days’ total consumption)… but that’s how it is if your Smart meters are adopted smets1’s which mine are !

  • It's just electric, now seems to be updating again....

  • Hi all - nothing was 'broken' - it was just that the more frequent refresh of HH data which we started offering last year was unavailable for a few days last week - but overnight capture of the previous day's HH profile reads was working fine. The more frequent refresh was restored by some point on the 18th.

  • Hmmm since 7th I'm missing DCC data for Thursday, Saturday and today... Today I can understand - my fringe WAN signal is currently offlline, but another DCC-based app has gathered with no issue up to 0100 today.

  • Hello @hunnymonster - as always, unless it is a systemic issue (which it is not) - we ask that you please contact and email us from your Bright account so that we can investigate. Thank you.

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