Mqtt problem since Monday

edited February 2022 in General

Hi. Since yesterday, I have been unable to authenticate with the mqtt service.

I haven't changed anything at my end....any idea, if this problem is affecting others?

I have previously noticed sometimes the off Auth attempt fails (I'm using mosquito as an mqtt bridge) but it normally resolves quickly, and has been reporting for months


  • connection glowmqtt

    try_private false


    remote_username xxxxxxxxx

    remote_password yyyyyyyyy

    bridge_insecure true

    bridge_capath /etc/ssl/certs/

    topic SMART/+/54xxxxxxxx in 0

    Since 1800 on the 15th Feb (Tuesday), all I see are the below, despite no change in config:

    1645095390: Connecting bridge glowmqtt (
    1645095391: Socket error on client local.core-mosquitto.glowmqtt, disconnecting.

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