Query Parameter - Function Options?

Just wondered if there's a list of Functions allowed in the Get Resource Readings ?

I've seen 'sum' & 'avg', are there more?



  • Hi @cancunia - have you seen this repository of further information on our APIs : Repository URL - https://bitbucket.org/ijosh/brightglowmarkt/src/master/

    That has a video and links to further documentation - there are a lot more functions allowed but I'm not the API expert.

    Here is a link to our API documentation: https://docs.glowmarkt.com/GlowmarktAPIDataRetrievalDocumentationIndividualUserForBright.pdf

    Hope that helps.

  • Hi, I've had a look at the documentation but could not see a list of options beyond the 2 that I noted (sum & avg). Just wondered if there are more. If not, no probs, it's still a great API.

  • Hi @cancunia,

    The experts are asking what you'd like to do with it - and are you using our DCC only data service or more frequent with our CAD.

    FYI, we will be adding to the avg & sum apparently.

    And thank you very much for your kind words about the API, much appreciated by the team.

  • edited March 2022

    Hi, sorry for the delays in replying, I didn't get any notifications so it's just when I remember to check. I've now changed the notification preferences so will hopefully know when there are any updates.

    I'm using the API for DCC only. I have the app on my phone, but it's good to be able to generate data for display on my PC. Please can you let me know when the new functions are available?


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