Use of App & API is forever free?

Firstly, many thanks for developing the App & API & Swagger UI, they have been very helpful in visualizing my electricity usage. Just a quick question about using for free, is it intended to charge for access at some point?


  • Hi @cancunia - apologies for the delay in replying - we've been busy recently.

    You are very welcome on the APIs - and well done on developing your own visualisations. You have done what we hoped for by opening up the data access - as a business we are committed to supporting the drive to net zero, and helping it happen as fast as possible. Please do feel free to share anything you develop with the rest of the community.

    We've provided free data access since 2009 to our users and have no intention to change that in future.

    Obviously it is appreciated if some do purchase our CAD for real-time data :)

  • Hi,

    Many thanks for the info, much appreciated!

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