Sunday 6th Update

I have re-enabled MQTT and am keeping a close eye on it.

I will update if I have to turn it off again.


  • My Python script wasn't working a few mins ago (hence posting on the 'Outage' thread) but seems to have recovered now.

  • Thanks Clive, only receiving one MQTT message for my device every 5-10mins currently.

  • I managed one at 10:27:55 (just to check it was working) using my PC then using my old mob :-



    I usually aim for getting a meter reading on the half hour. 4 secs early at 10:30 is fairly normal; 27secs late at 11:00 was unusual (but since we're not importing at moment I wasn't too bothered)

  • edited February 2022

    11:29:57 i.e. 3 secs early

    12:00:08 i.e. 8 secs late

    12:29:56 i.e. 4 secs early

    Nothing too dreadful there but timings are usually all in same direction and within a few secs of the true half hour

    At a guess, the 12:00 attempt took longer than usual to connect ?

    Script's log shows :-

    06 Feb 11:59:53 : Reading Requested 
    06 Feb 11:59:53 : Seeking message 
    06 Feb 12:00:09 : Received message   

    i.e. payload received 16secs after request

    06 Feb 12:29:53 : Reading Requested 
    06 Feb 12:29:54 : Seeking message 
    06 Feb 12:29:56 : Received message

    i.e. payload received 3secs after request - which is much more normal

    For comparison the 11:00 reading took 37secs to arrive.

    06 Feb 10:59:53 : Reading Requested 
    06 Feb 10:59:53 : Seeking message 
    06 Feb 11:00:30 : Received message

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