MQTT Cert Expired?

For the past couple of days my Home Assistant integration (using the Mosquitto broker with a bridge to the glowmqtt server) hasn't been getting any data for my meters.

I used MQTT Explorer ( to try and connect directly to the glowmqtt broker and if the "Validate certificate" option is checked, it doesn't connect and displays a "certificate has expired" error.

If I disable the "Validate certificate" option, it connects but there's no topics in there with any data.

If I connect to my HA broker that has the bridge, it's also not got any data from the glowmqtt bridge connection.

Is this something my end, or has the cert expired on the glowmqtt broker?


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    Having done some digging, it seems the cert is valid on the server:

    $~ > openssl s_client -connect 2>/dev/null | openssl x509 -noout -dates
    notBefore=Dec 5 09:56:18 2021 GMT
    notAfter=Mar 5 09:56:17 2022 GMT

    MQTT explorer has a known issue with a root CA revocation that's been fixed in electron upstream, but needs addressing in MQTT explorer:

    I can connect to the broker via the CLI, so that seems to be the cause of the cert issues.

    Still unsure why there's no data in there when connecting (via CLI or HA broker) but that's a separate issue to look into 😅

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