noob help acquiring JWT token


I'm trying to obtain my JWT token but as a noob to this I'm struggling to know how to submit the line of code required. I'm registered with Bright (have the app working ok) and ultimately would like to use code to extract my smart meter readings direct to computer.

If you have the patience could you please guide me on how to do this?

I can use either MacOS or Windows10. I have the line of code from the notes but I don't know what to do with it. Is it entered directly into a command prompt line or do I have save and run it as a program?

Thanks in anticipation.


    edited November 2021

    OK so been able to acquire my token from step 1 'authenticate'.

    Using Win10 I was getting a 'Forbidden' message but result came back ok using MacOS. Any ideas why the forbidden message?

    Now onto step 2.

  • ok so some trial and error and now able to query for consumption data.

    next step to output the results to csv.

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