Changing Supplier

Hi All

Im likely to be changing supplier soon (bulb are looking like folding any day) and am wondering how this will effect my Glow IHD. Do I need to inform you guys about the change? Do I need to get you re-authorized with the new supplier? i should it just magically sort itself out?

Any advice would be much appreciated! :)



  • Hi Josh,

    It shouldn't cause any issues and should magically sort itself out, unless they physically change your smart meter, in which case you need to tell the Helpdesk the day before they do the swap.


  • Hi karmacop81

    Sorry for the delay in replying. From our perspective - any changes to supplier have no effect - the data will keep flowing and no need to tell us.

    If you move, we also pick that up and should stop your data flows.

    Good luck with your new supplier,


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