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Hi All,

Is the current price/cost data included in the MQTT output ? I have it working/integrated with my home assistant in terms of gas and electric usage, but I haven't been able to determine the current cost for each ... is that hidden in the MQTT somewhere or do I need to use the API ?



  • Hi Simon,

    Tariff information is the the main API rather than MQTT. You can apply the rates (although you may be applying kWh rates to kW - so just a warning that "instant cost" can be useful but possibly not meaningful), etc.

    If there is a more detailed requirement, maybe log it here. Can't guarantee it will make its way into MQTT, but good to know if we are doing any work in that area.

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    You can read the Tariff data in home assistant via the main API - I have it working in:

    NOTE: this is a fork of the HandyHat repro of the same name - pending a pull request.

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