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I’m sure I’ve asked this before but I can’t find the old thread to check in on it again.

I would like to extract the export meter reading from MQTT but at the moment it is permanently reading 0. I think the answer last time was that it wasn’t implemented yet. Is that still the case or is there something wrong with my setup that means the value isn’t contained in the topic?


  • You might want to check how you're parsing the export data from the mqtt message. This thread from earlier in the year explains how to correctly get the export value from the feed - https://forum.glowmarkt.com/index.php?p=/discussion/64/handling-ve-export-values-in-home-assistant-hassio/p1

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    That thread refers to instantaneous consumption (0702 04 00), which goes negative to denote export. I am asking about the cumulative export register in the meter (0702 00 01)

    It permanently reads 0 even though there is a valid reading in the meter itself. I don't know if this is because it isn't implemented in the CAD or if my supplier needs to enable something.

    The import reading (0702 00 00) works fine.

  • we send what we get - if 0702 00 01 is 0 thats what the CAD is receiving from the meter

  • @barneyd:- Are you by chance an ex-npower customer that's been transferred to Eon-Next ?

    I only ask because that's my position and I too don't get any export values provided through MQTT (other than '0' - but I can read export directly from the display on the meter itself.

  • No, I am with Octopus and they fitted the meter.

    As there is a reading in the export register in the meter, it must not be transmitted in the data. I could ask Octopus but I don’t want to set up an export MPAN because I am paid for export on a deemed basis.

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    Did you resolve this afterwards?

    I am with Octopus, I do have an export MPAN and have succesfully been reading export meter value via MQTT for 6 months.

    Until Monday this week when it dropped to zero!! I have an old JSON response from a while back and 702 00 01 was populated then, now it is zero.

    Have contacted Octopus, but still awaiting reply.

  • @DaveS

    I'm also with Octopus and they stopped taking my export data in February. After complaining they managed to take export data for two days in March and then nothing. I've resorted to entering readings on my meter two or three days before statement/bill date.

    As I have just retired after 45+ years in the computer industry I thought extracting data from DCC could bypass Octopus. I'm still reading up how to use the API so I hope to get to grips over the next few weeks.

  • Just tacking on this thread, Scottish Power have just approved my SEG and allocated an export MPAN. I have an output through MQTT that for obvious reasons has been at zero, will this appear automatically at some point?

  • We simply report what the meter reports for cumulative export.

    if it has a value - you will get it.

    It should be noted that there is no value for instant power for export -

    I have had it confirmed this week that it is not a mandated requirement for SMETS2

    You might think this is a missed opportunity - I couldn't possibly comment.

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