I know MQTT has had issues but is the API also having issues?

I've had next to no data out of the APi in the last 24 hours and then it all populates at once.. now i've not had anything for the last hour and also in the app...

Is this a wide spread problem or a "me" problem?

Many thanks


  • So it seems to me that there is a delay (sometimes a huge one) in the bright app / API returning the data.. It all seems to be there but sometimes there is a 6 hour (some times a 2 hour) delay in it populating. This is obviously completely useless for tracking live usage through out the day..

    Is there anything i can do to resolve this? I also got some Request Faileds over night :

    16/09/2021 00:00:01 Request failed

    16/09/2021 00:05:01 Request failed

    16/09/2021 00:10:01 Request failed

    16/09/2021 00:15:01 Request failed

    16/09/2021 00:20:01 Request failed

    16/09/2021 00:25:01 Request failed

  • Ok a few things

    Do you have our IHD/CAD or is it dcc data only?

    Either way please raise a support ticket at support@glowmarkt.com

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